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American Hero Quilts (LONG POST)

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This weekendI learned of an organization started here in Washington State that is making a big difference here, across the country and overseas.

This is an organization that is dear to my heart, and learning more about them, what they do and the lives that they touch brings tears to my eyes.

This organization is called American Hero Quilts.  One woman, Sue Nebeker, had a dream that each of our wounded soldiers that returned home from war through Madigan Army Medical Center (where both of my parents work) here in Western Washington and other military hospitals around the country would receive a "Hug" of appreciation.  These aren't just any hugs... these are amazingly beautiful quilts, pieced together with red, white and blue patriotic fabrics.  These hugs are painstakingly sewn together with heart by many loving hands.

I got a chance to meet Ione, a wonderfully sweet woman who was working at a small quilt-a-thon at the conference center where we were staying this weekend.  There were sewing machines of all types set up on tables, beautiful fabrics strewn about as far as you could see and stunning quilts on display.  There were ladies happily sewing away on their machines, and you could just feel the love flooding the room.

I was a bit behind the rest of my group when we went to see what was going on that day, and when I walked through the door, I heard "Is this Mom?"  So I looked up and saw my sweet little girl with Ione, who was holding a board with gorgeous patriotic quilt pieces.  Ione told me that Emily had built this quilt square and it was going to be sewn together and included in a quilt that would be delivered to a wounded soldier on his way home.  She asked if she could take a photo of Emily with her quilt square to be shared on their blog.  I said, of course!  And, I even pulled out my own camera and started snapping photos.  Emily was so proud of herself and all the ladies there treated her like royalty!  I then had a chance to chat with Ione and listen to some of the stories of soldiers who had received the quilts.

(Ione and Emily)

It was truly an amazing experience and I am glad that we took the time to walk around and see the quilts, meet the ladies and learn about this organization.

There are more quilt-a-thons on the calendar already and I would love to participate in one, so time and location willing, I'll be there one day.

I just wanted to share this experience with you, spread the word about American Hero Quilts and let you enjoy some photos that I took.

Thank you for reading this long post and I hope that you always remember our heroes, not only on holidays and remembrance days, but every day.  Without our heroes, we wouldn't be where we are today, we wouldn't have what we have and we wouldn't be who we are.  We are American, we are Strong, We are FREE - and Freedom IS NOT Free.  If we can do one small thing to say thank you, we must do it.

Please take a moment to visit the American Hero Quilts website HERE and their blog HERE.  Help if you can, spread the word and Thank a Hero.

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