Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Shop once... eat all week #2

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Tonights recipe was Ham & Cheese Pasta! I though this recipe would be perfect for Emily, as she loves Mac & Cheese! And she did love it, all but the "green stuff" also known as asparagus!
So, tonight I had to save some asparagus for dinner on Saturday, and I had to save some ham for dinner on Friday!
The meal was good. I think a side salad would have been nice with it. It was very cheesey, but we're a cheesey family, so that's ok!
This is really quite fun! I love trying out new recipes!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ribbon Bookmarks

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As promised, here is the photo of my bookmarks. These are for a swap in the Cute Critters Club at CafeMom. I had all my stuff out and ready to get these done, when I remembered that they had to be Critters! So, I had to put all my flower stamps away, and grab some critters! I hope Nicole likes them - when she gets them!

A New Project for Spryte

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For a few years now, my Mom has gotten me a subscription to Simple & Delicious magazine. I love to browse through it and drool over all the wonderful photos of tasty looking foods. But I don't think I've ever actually made anything! Well, the other day, I was browsing through some older issues and checking out my favorite segments, looking for something to try. They have this segment called "Shop once... eat all week!" that I've always been interested in. Basically, the magazine gives me 5 meals and a shopping list. The meals tend to share some ingredients, like Mondays meal will have something to save for Wednesday and Fridays meals! Sounds fun, right? The only problem is, I'm a pretty picky eater, so finding a series of recipes where I like everything is a bit difficult! The May/June 2008 issue finally fit the bill! So, I grabbed the shopping list they provided, checked my "pantry" to see what I had, (which wasn't much really! I so need to stock the staples!) and I hit the grocery store!
Now that I've babbled away, this is what I'm going to do this week:
I will cook my recipe, take a photo of my result, tell you what ingredients I had to save for the rest of the week and give my review! Now, if you would like the actual recipe, just let me know and I'll send it to ya, or if everyone wants the recipes, I'll post them too!
So, here goes!
Today was Lemon Chicken with Rice
I had to make twice as much rice, and save 1/2 of it (before adding tomatoes and parsley) for Fridays meal. This recipe called for Lemon Pie Filling (interesting!), so I had to save the part that I didn't use for Wednesdays meal!
This was pretty good! I'm not a tomato fan, but I ate them, they added a bit of zing to the rice and added pretty color to the plate!
Hubby said it's a "Make Again" - that's a good thing!

Remember When?

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I was stamping up some images of my new Stamping Bella stamps today for a swap in my Addicted 2 Bellas group over at CafeMom and I thought, while I'm here, why don't a make a card with these?
So, I started making the card. I first chose a red card base, because wagons are usually red.. but then I found this flowered patterned paper and thought that looked good with the flowers on her wagon. I then picked out cardstock to match the flowers. I had just used this ribbon to make a bookmark (which I'll post a photo after the stickles dry) so it was calling to me on my craft table. I loved the flower theme that I had going on, so I grabbed even more flowers and added them as well! But then, I thought that something was missing in the corner, so I added a sentiment. As I sat at my table, admiring my card, I remembered the challenge at CafeMom in the Card Makin' Mamas group. We were to make a card that reminds us of our childhood. Well, what little girl doesn't love her wagon and all her toys? I know that's something that I'll always remember! And I hope that my daughter does as well.

I like the way the whole card turned out, and as always, I love my new Stamping Bella stamps! I hope that you enjoy my card, too!

I always get asked, so I'll tell you first - I used Stampin' Up! watercolor pencils to color my image.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Photo of the week: 12-28-08 - 1-3-09

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I'm going to try (emphasis on the TRY) a photo of the week. I am actually hoping to start a photo of the day, but I don't want to flood my blog with those, so I will post them on my Flickr page (if you would like access to my Flickr page, just email me). Sometimes life gets in the way of my camera, but I will try this and see how it works.
So, because I got such a great photo of the kids this weekend, I'll start my photo of the week today!

This photo is of Emily and Bradley wearing the new outfits that were sent over from Nana Cauleen and Grandpa David for Christmas. Because we were unable to get across the mountains to spend Christmas together, Nana is doing her best to send over some packages until we can make it over, hopefully in February. These outfits fit perfectly and look so cute! Thanks, Nana and Grandpa! And don't you love the zebra Bradley got for Christmas?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

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The kids loved Christmas, of course!

We were all spoiled this year! Thank you, Santa!

Both kids got lots of new clothes. Lots and lots of toys! Emily got lots of movies and Bradley got his first race track and a Sock Monkey! Emily's big present is a Giddy Up & Go Pony, she can sit on it and it actually rolls across the floor! Bradley got a Bounce & Spin Zebra, too! They are both so cute sitting on their toys bouncing together!

Iain got new slippers, of course! I also spoiled him with a few Bomber Jacket leather items from I got him a monogrammed leather journal cover with refills and a leather cell phone holster.

I got perfume, lots of new pj's (I love pj's!) and my first Christmas Village house by Department 56! Now we just need to get a curio cabinet or something to display them in! Now, Iain has a sure fire gift for future Christmasses!


I couldn't say it better than my Dad did this morning - so go check out his blog:

We wish everyone a very "Happy Christmas" as they say in England!

Christmas 2008

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Here are a bunch of photos taken on Christmas morning and afternoon!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

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Iain & Emily had to run out to get a few "last minute" things this afternoon, so Bradley and I stayed home and wrapped a few "last minute" gifts! When they got home, Emily came running in the house yelling "Mommy, look what we got you!" and she had an armload of beautiful flowers! She was so adorable, and so proud of herself! Then Iain walked in with another armload of beautiful flowers! He knows I love fresh flowers, but haven't had any for quite a while! They were both so sweet!

After things settled down, we all gathered around the table to build a gingerbread train. Emily had so much fun putting the candies on!

Christmas Dogs!

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We took the dogs into the groomers today so that they would be pretty for Christmas, too! We got Pumpkin Spice scented shampoo for them, so they smell yummy! The groomer put a Christmas bandanna on each of them! They look so cute!

New PJ's!

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Every year, the whole family gets new pj's on Christmas eve, so that we will all have pretty pj's on for photos on Christmas morning! So, here is a family photo of us in our new pj's this year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Specs

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Ok, so my friend Lizzie got new specs and she loves them, because she can see! So, I told her that I was getting new specs too, and would post a photo when I did! I love my new specs and Iain likes them - because they're "Jazzy"! Now, if I could just trudge through the snow again to get them adjusted so they don't hurt my poor little ears, I'd be great!

Not the greatest pic of me.. Iain said my smile looked fake, so I laughed and he caught me... ah well!

Congrats on the new specs, Lizzie! They look great on you!

Trim the tree

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As promised, here are photos of the ornaments that the kids made at the KGH Children's Christmas Party. Bradley, of course had a little help! Other than writing her name on the back, Emily did hers all by herself!

Also, a photo of our "little" tree! It used to be a pretty big tree, but now that we have vaulted ceilings, it doesn't look so big anymore! We opted not to put the garland up this year, and the tree looks kinda bare without it... That and Emily kept putting the ornaments on the same branches so there are big empty spots!

And, one last tree photo, this is the ornament that I made years ago. I love this ornament! The purple ball. I went through a phase where I would pour paint into a clear ornament and swirl it around! They turned out so pretty! This is the first one that I ever made, at the time, all the lights and ornaments on my tree were purple! Then I got married, and hubby vetoed my purple tree!
Along with it is one of the many stockings that my Mom has made for my brother and I. They all have a $2 bill in them - and, yes, Davy - I still have all my $2 bills!! (my brother thinks I spent them all!)

Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Making snow angels!

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And, just because I'm a glutton for punishment! Here's a video for ALL to enjoy!

Snow Angel

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So, we're sitting in about 8-10 inches of snow right now! Emily has never seen so much snow that she can actually play in it! So here are some photos of her having so much fun!


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Not too fond of the snow!
I bundled Bradley up for a trip outside, too... but he wasn't too thrilled! Either he didn't like the cold, or he didn't like being so bundled!

Iain & Emily shoveling

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Snow Doggies

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Here's the puppy dogs! And, don't worry, we brought them in right away!


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So, I'm a Pepsi drinker, but who wouldn't buy a Coke with this photo?
(It's lemonade, by the way!)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merry Christmas from Emily & Bradley

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Here's a song for you, just in case you aren't in the Christmas spirit yet!

And, Bradley got to meet Santa for the first time today! Kennewick General, the hospital that I work at, had the Children's Christmas party this morning, so we took both kids! They got to make their own ornaments (I'll post photos of those when we -finally!- put the tree up tomorrow), enjoy petit fours, cookies and punch, play games, and they got goody bags! And, of course they got to sit on Santa's knee and get their first Christmas present of the year! Emily got a book called "Pinkalicious" - soooo Emily! And Bradley got a book called One to Ten and Back Again! Bradley was very good meeting Santa! Emily was very good, too - but she was so excited that she was faster than the camera! She ran up when he called her name, gave him a hug, said Merry Christmas, took her present and ran off again! So, unfortunately, we don't have a picture of her with Santa.. I'm hoping that the girl from the hospital managed to catch her before she ran away!

Dee Needs...

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I saw this fun little exercise on Vickie's blog. You go to your google search bar, type in your name followed by needs - i.e. "Dee needs". You then will get a very (VERY) interesting list!!!! So, just for the fun of it and a few chuckles I did it... here goes... this is what the internet predicts that I need:

Dee needs... a bigger trophy cabinet... well, maybe a bigger card display cabinet for all the beautiful cards my friends send me!!

Dee needs... more beer... !!! Hahaha!

Dee needs... help... well.. don't we all?

Dee needs... needs her own talk show... well, really, I guess I could find something to talk about!!

Dee needs... to know the measurements of the aluminum cover of the awnings as these dictate the exact fabric length. What the...??

Dee needs... a mischevious grin... who doesn't?

and lastly..

Dee needs... to believe that she's beautiful, talented and funny, and that she is worthy of love and respect, no matter what size her jeans are.

So, that was fun.. now you go try! I'd sure love to see what Google thinks you "need"!! Have fun!

Friday, December 12, 2008

How the Grinch Stole Chrismas

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Tonight, while Emily & I were making her pomander, Iain was reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas for the first time! I love the way Iain reads that story, he does the Grinch voice so well! So, it was a photo-op that I couldn't pass up!

Emily's Pomander

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Tonight, Emily and I sat down to do a quiet craft at the dining room table. I thought this would be a cute, easy craft that Emily would enjoy, and she did!

I started simple, just putting a ring of cloves around the orange... then I decided, since I only had one orange, that I would put her initial and Bradley's initial on each side!

Now, I just need to get some ribbon, tie a pretty bow, and hang it up for us all to enjoy!

Emily is so proud of herself! I think we just found a new Christmas tradition!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bradley Sleeps

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I went in to check on him this afternoon, because he was napping for quite a while - longer than usual! And this is how I found him! My dad framed the photo while he was supposed to be working, and I love the way it turned out! (Thanks Dad, now get back to work!)


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I received a request for a photo of our bird, Anakin, so here he is! He is an Australian Rock Pebbler, a member of the Australian Parakeet family. He is also called a Regent Parrot or a Black-Tailed Parakeet. We know that he is a male, because of the dominance of yellow feathers on his chest. Females, are generally more green. He is a relatively quiet bird, but being a bird, he can still be quite loud! He does speak, he says "Hello Pretty Bird, Good Night, Uh-Oh" and he can mimic my laugh! He is very friendly and we have had him since he was a baby. They have been known to live up to 25 years! He is a great bird, very easy to take care of, and we love having him in the family. As for his name.. well.. let's just say my husband is a Star Wars fan, and I just liked the name! We call him "Ani" for short.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Emily Dress-Up

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So, Emily got some "new" hand me downs from a friend of mine the other day. She loves it when she gets new stuff! My friend has a daughter who is 6, I think, so the clothes that Emily gets are still a little big for her, but she still loves to dress up in them!
This dress is so pretty! And, although it is a little big now, it will last her for a while before she outgrows it!
She even has it hanging on her doorknob in her room, so that she can change right into it as soon as she gets home from preschool!

And Bradley... it's hard work growing up and being cute all the time! Poor little guy barely finished his dinner the other night before he was fast asleep in his high chair!

I'll have to get some photos when he wakes up from his nap, but he has figured out how to stand up, and does so every single chance he gets!! Here's a photo of how Iain found him Saturday morning.

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