Sunday, November 24, 2013

Birthday Card for a Little Sweetie

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My little guy had a birthday party to go to yesterday for a sweet little friend of his.  Since he's not quite as into card making as Emily is, I had to make a card for him to give with the present.

I flipped through my stack of images that I had printed up and came across this Saturated Canary cute that I thought would be perfect!

I colored it up with Copics, made sure there was lots of sparkly paper and glitter and finished it all up with her name in rhinestones.  What cute little girly wouldn't love her name in rhinestones??

When I showed it to Boo, he rolled his eyes at me!  LOL!!  But, he said he liked it and from the big hug I got when I picked him up from the party, I'm guess that she did as well!  :)  That just made my day!

Enjoy my sweet little card, I had fun making it!


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