Monday, November 12, 2007

So, it's been a while...

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Sorry, I've been bad about posting updates.

Things have been busy in Richland.

Baby Bradley William is only about 60 days away and we've been getting ready for him to join us.

Little Miss Emily Rose is very excited to meet her new little brother. She asks about him all the time and always wants to know where he is and what he's doing!

The mommy doctor says that everything is going well, and I see him again at the end of the month.

My job at the hospital is going well also. I just accepted a full time position, so I'll be working more hours, but that's what I was hoping would happen, so I'm happy.

Iain and I are trying to buy our first home. We are in the offer/counter-offer/counter-counter-offer stage right now, hoping for the best. So cross your fingers for us! This house would be perfect for the growing family. Especially if we can get into it before Bradley arrives!

Emily had a wonderful time with Iain on Halloween (while Mommy was working). I hope you enjoy the picture of her in her costume! 3 cheers for the Red, White and Blue!

And speaking of the Red, White and Blue - It's Veteran's Day! - So here's a quick shout-out to all of those who have, are and will serve to keep our country safe and free. To all of those who are far from home and loved ones, Thank You for all you do, and please come home safe.
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Over and out... see you next time! :)

2007 Country Music Association Awards Show

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WAY TO GO BRAD! Winner of not only the best video of the year for "Online", which was filmed at the concert that Iain and I attended Memorial Day weekend at the White River Ampitheater in Auburn, WA. But also winner of Male Vocalist of the Year! Wee Haw!

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