Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

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I don't have a lot going on in the middle of the week to blog about... So, I'm going to try to start a weekly "blogisode" called Wish List Wednesday!
This is where I will post 5 (or so) things that I have seen in my internet/tv/shopping travels that I really think I should have!!  Not that I need them, or will ever get them, but they're COOL!
Just thought my readers would enjoy a little more of a peek into my crazy mind to see what really goes on in there!
This is totally random (like many things in my mind!) - it may be crafty stuff, baking stuff, clothes, kid stuff... whatever happens to catch my eye that week!
This week, for example, I've been in such a big baking and cake decorating mood, that I've been browsing lots of baking websites -
anyway this is what I've come up with for Wish List Wednesday!
Oooh, I LOVE the bright red and the GLASS bowl - awesome!
Have you SEEN the Cricut Cake??  Forget the original Cricut - I want this one!
Oh - cuteness!  What more is there to say??
Anyone want to send me flowers?  The Happy Hour collection at 1-800-Flowers would be perfect for me!

This has been on my wish list FOR-EVER and will probably stay right there - this is a Tag Heuer watch, one of those "If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it" watches... but it's pretty, isn't it?? 

What's on YOUR Wish List this Wednesday?

4 stamps of approval:

Georgia said...

I'll take the watch and happy hour glass. I love watches (have a tote filled with dead watches...need batteries) and I love glassware, china, silverware...Girl, you think you have a wish list. It's nothing compared to

Have a good one!

Jessabells said...

Hey, I love my kitchen aid. Nothing is better to make that icing! I'm so happy to see you decorating cakes. I truly love the art of cake decorating. I wish I had more time to do it. Well, I'd like the time to do a lot of things. Oh well! Love the watch! Nice!

Callie said...

Well I love the Kitchaid products... of course I have them. :) Mine is white though. I want a cricut as well. And I love the martini glass flowers. Adorable. I'll have to show that to my brother for my birthday... hahaha! yeah right!! what else?? the watch is gorgeous. And the little cupcake cups are too cute. I also really want a new comforter sheet set for our bedroom. It's the little thigns you know??

Becky said...

Love the Cricut cake and would love the watch too! As for the teacup cake - far too cute to eat lol


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