Sunday, January 18, 2009

Emily's 4th Birthday!

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Oh what a busy, busy day!
We had an appointment to get Emily's portraits done at 11am this morning. I scheduled the appointment for 11am, so that we would have time to go get her hair trimmed and styled before the pictures, but I didn't realize that the salons in the mall didn't open until 11! What silly mall doesn't open until 11? The photo place opened at 10... sigh.. So, we didn't get her hair done, but we found a super cute headband to keep her hair from falling in her face! The portraits turned out perfect and we couldn't be happier!
After that we had to go pick up the cake that we ordered, then come home to meet a few friends who were stopping by to wish her a happy birthday!
We had to rush to get the decorations up! Then sing happy birthday, serve the cake, chat with friends!
After all that, we had to open presents, lots and lots of presents! She got a lot of Hannah Montana stuff! She got new clothes from Nana & Grandpa in England! She got a microphone and a ballet dancing mat! She was so excited!
But, we're not done yet! After the presents were done, we all went out to Red Robin for dinner! Emily loved that the waiters all came to sing to her and gave her a sundae! She was all smiles!
So, I put together a slideshow of some photos that we took today - we were just snapping away! So, I hope you enjoy the slideshow!

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ivwhy said...

wait........WHAT? their birthdays are so close together? i can't even handle bryan's bithday (1/29) so close after christmas!! you must've been busy!!
cute pics! did you see all that hanna montana stuff at M's?? i believe they are all 50% off now.

Jessabells said...

Happy Birthday to Emily!!


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