Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day To Me!

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Early Valentine's Day for me! Yay!!
I found this ring at the jewelers that I just loved, because it has 2 garnets, and since both Emily & Bradley are born in January, their birthstones are both Garnet! So, it has one garnet for each of them, along with 6 little diamonds!
I showed it to Hubby, because it was on sale and told him it would be perfect for Valentine's Day (hint, hint!)
Well, the sale only goes through the end of January and every time I checked back in at the jewelers, they were sold out! Finally, I went ahead and had them order one for me and I told Iain to just go pick it up!!
o, tonight he comes home from work, and hands me a little black bag! Yay! I guess since I told him to go get it for me, I can have it early! Leave it to me to spoil the surprise!

Thanks, Hubby! I Love You!

(Now, off to find YOUR present!!)

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Rebecca S. said...


Heather said...

Oh Dee!!! it is gorgeous!!!! Stamps, a ring .. I know what your hubby wants for Valentines day :o) Mwah!!!
Kidding. This was so sweet of him and it looks beautiful on you, like it was made just for you!

Callie Michelle said...

Beautiful ring girl!! How lucky you are!! Wowsers... you need to call Scott and give him some tips and hints. hehehe!
Lucky lucky lucky girl!

ivwhy said...

wow---lucky you! sometimes, hubbys just need a "hint" you get what we want!

Jessabells said...

Oh Dee that is beautiful. Your hubby is so wonderful.


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