Sunday, January 11, 2009

My baby turns 1!

Designed by Sprytebyrd on Sunday, January 11, 2009
Well, here it is... Bradley's 1st birthday! It seems like the year has gone by sooo fast! Our little tiny baby boy has grown into a little handsome man! It almost seems like he's grown up even more in just the last few days! He's almost balanced enough to stand up on his own, he'll be walking any time now, and his Dr. says his teeth will probably all come in at the same time, since he's yet to get any!
We had quite the exciting weekend! We went out yesterday to get his 1st birthday portraits done. Those are fabulous! We stuck with his party theme and dressed him in his pirate overalls that Nana Rosie & Grandpa Jock sent over from England. I took a pirate ship centerpiece to set up for the photos, and his pirate hat, too! We had such a hard time choosing photos because they all turned out so well!
This morning we all went out for breakfast at our favorite breakfast place called Cousins in Pasco. We mentioned that it was his 1st birthday, and our waitress said "Oh, a celebration, I'll be right back!" Then she showed up tableside with all her friends, a cupcake with a candle and a camera! They sang Happy Birthday and helped him blow out his candle, then they took his picture! They even gave us a folder with the photo in it and they signed it "Happy Birthday Cousin, from all your friends at Cousins!" It was so sweet!! Here's a photo of him blowing out his candle.
And a slideshow of photos that I took during his Pirate Party at home.
I think he really enjoyed his birthday! I hope you all enjoy the photos!

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ivwhy said...

dee-warning you that the remote control car will drive you NUTS!! even when the car isn't moving, it has that"motor" running. trust me, we have 2 of those in our house!
bradley looks so handsome! that cupcake looks bigger than him! cherish the mments now when he's still little!

Heather said...

I h ave about a thousand remote control card and they are all going at once. The only sound that drives me crazy is the fighting and screaming ;o)

His party looks adorable!!! The pics are too cute! This was a very special 1 yr bday, I love to see everyone get into it and make the party even more special! I can just see his face light up when he saw daddy and sis :o). ((did you dress up?? Wheres that one ;o) )) Thank you for sharing this. It really made my morning!!!

Heather said...


Beate said...

Aww! He is so cute! That first year just flies by! My little one will be turning 2 soon. Sometimes I wonder where my baby went!


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