Sunday, January 4, 2009

Emily & Bradley's 365 project!

Designed by Sprytebyrd on Sunday, January 04, 2009
So, I'm a little late, and I missed a day with Emily, and a few days with Bradley! I'm going to blame that on work!! It was quite a hectic weekend at the hospital and I am dreaming of those days when I could take my stamping projects to work with me and stamp through my shift! I think those days are gone for a while! Things are picking up, and we're getting really busy!

Anyway! I wanted to point you to my flickr photostream, so that you can check out the daily photos I will take of the kids! I Will do better from here on through the year and if I'm not here, I'll make Iain take the photos!

So, the website is: - so, go, lookie and have fun! I'm excited to watch how they grow through the year!

Now, I am off to try to get a photo of them together for my "Photo of the week"! Wish me luck!

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