Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trim the tree

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As promised, here are photos of the ornaments that the kids made at the KGH Children's Christmas Party. Bradley, of course had a little help! Other than writing her name on the back, Emily did hers all by herself!

Also, a photo of our "little" tree! It used to be a pretty big tree, but now that we have vaulted ceilings, it doesn't look so big anymore! We opted not to put the garland up this year, and the tree looks kinda bare without it... That and Emily kept putting the ornaments on the same branches so there are big empty spots!

And, one last tree photo, this is the ornament that I made years ago. I love this ornament! The purple ball. I went through a phase where I would pour paint into a clear ornament and swirl it around! They turned out so pretty! This is the first one that I ever made, at the time, all the lights and ornaments on my tree were purple! Then I got married, and hubby vetoed my purple tree!
Along with it is one of the many stockings that my Mom has made for my brother and I. They all have a $2 bill in them - and, yes, Davy - I still have all my $2 bills!! (my brother thinks I spent them all!)

Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!

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