Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merry Christmas from Emily & Bradley

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Here's a song for you, just in case you aren't in the Christmas spirit yet!

And, Bradley got to meet Santa for the first time today! Kennewick General, the hospital that I work at, had the Children's Christmas party this morning, so we took both kids! They got to make their own ornaments (I'll post photos of those when we -finally!- put the tree up tomorrow), enjoy petit fours, cookies and punch, play games, and they got goody bags! And, of course they got to sit on Santa's knee and get their first Christmas present of the year! Emily got a book called "Pinkalicious" - soooo Emily! And Bradley got a book called One to Ten and Back Again! Bradley was very good meeting Santa! Emily was very good, too - but she was so excited that she was faster than the camera! She ran up when he called her name, gave him a hug, said Merry Christmas, took her present and ran off again! So, unfortunately, we don't have a picture of her with Santa.. I'm hoping that the girl from the hospital managed to catch her before she ran away!

2 stamps of approval:

Heather said...

AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! I can honestly say that this year i have NOT been in the Christmas spirit as much as I usually am .. but I am now. This is SOOOO sweet!!! Love it!!! I love the book Emily got too. Just too cute! Merry Christmas to you and yours:) love ya!

ivwhy said...

how did i miss so many entries?? looks like ya'll are in the holiday spirit!


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