Thursday, December 25, 2008

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The kids loved Christmas, of course!

We were all spoiled this year! Thank you, Santa!

Both kids got lots of new clothes. Lots and lots of toys! Emily got lots of movies and Bradley got his first race track and a Sock Monkey! Emily's big present is a Giddy Up & Go Pony, she can sit on it and it actually rolls across the floor! Bradley got a Bounce & Spin Zebra, too! They are both so cute sitting on their toys bouncing together!

Iain got new slippers, of course! I also spoiled him with a few Bomber Jacket leather items from I got him a monogrammed leather journal cover with refills and a leather cell phone holster.

I got perfume, lots of new pj's (I love pj's!) and my first Christmas Village house by Department 56! Now we just need to get a curio cabinet or something to display them in! Now, Iain has a sure fire gift for future Christmasses!


I couldn't say it better than my Dad did this morning - so go check out his blog:

We wish everyone a very "Happy Christmas" as they say in England!

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Callie Michelle said...

Merry Christmas Sweet Dee! I'm glad that you had a happy day with your kiddos!! Love all the pictures!!


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