Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A New Project for Spryte

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For a few years now, my Mom has gotten me a subscription to Simple & Delicious magazine. I love to browse through it and drool over all the wonderful photos of tasty looking foods. But I don't think I've ever actually made anything! Well, the other day, I was browsing through some older issues and checking out my favorite segments, looking for something to try. They have this segment called "Shop once... eat all week!" that I've always been interested in. Basically, the magazine gives me 5 meals and a shopping list. The meals tend to share some ingredients, like Mondays meal will have something to save for Wednesday and Fridays meals! Sounds fun, right? The only problem is, I'm a pretty picky eater, so finding a series of recipes where I like everything is a bit difficult! The May/June 2008 issue finally fit the bill! So, I grabbed the shopping list they provided, checked my "pantry" to see what I had, (which wasn't much really! I so need to stock the staples!) and I hit the grocery store!
Now that I've babbled away, this is what I'm going to do this week:
I will cook my recipe, take a photo of my result, tell you what ingredients I had to save for the rest of the week and give my review! Now, if you would like the actual recipe, just let me know and I'll send it to ya, or if everyone wants the recipes, I'll post them too!
So, here goes!
Today was Lemon Chicken with Rice
I had to make twice as much rice, and save 1/2 of it (before adding tomatoes and parsley) for Fridays meal. This recipe called for Lemon Pie Filling (interesting!), so I had to save the part that I didn't use for Wednesdays meal!
This was pretty good! I'm not a tomato fan, but I ate them, they added a bit of zing to the rice and added pretty color to the plate!
Hubby said it's a "Make Again" - that's a good thing!

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