Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sweet Emily

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It's Emily's 5th Birthday today.. So smart, so independent and so very, very stubborn!  But also, so very sweet - here's a photo of her at 2 days old:

Wow.... I remember her 1st birthday like it was yesterday.....

She was so sweet and little!

Here's her 2nd Birthday:

Just makes me smile :)

Her 3rd Birthday:

Can't keep her fingers out of the cake!  My Mom made this cake - it was beautiful!

Her 4th Birthday:
She had a Hannah Montana party - with a {gasp} store-bought cake

And... today - I can't believe she's 5 years old!!

She's such a fashion Diva!

This year, I baked and decorated her cake myself - not bad for a first go... I guess all those years of sitting at the dining room table watching my Mom decorate cakes paid off!  I need more practice, of course, but it sure was fun to make this one!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Emily - you're growing up too fast!
We Love You!

2 stamps of approval:

NormaJean said...

wow dee!! I love that cake.. and boy times goes by fast, to think my baby is 23... well Emily looks so sweet!! and wow I just love your blog
hugs norma

lizzie said...

we just did lily's 2nd... made me almost cry that my baby was growing up... then i remembered i get to do it all again in a few months hahahaha


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