Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thomas has arrived!

Designed by Sprytebyrd on Sunday, January 10, 2010
Tomorrow is Bradley's 2nd birthday - but we'll be celebrating today, because Daddy will be at work tomorrow.

I made yummy cupcakes (recipe), iced them with blue frosting (used the new kit that I got for Christmas from Mom and Dad from here), added some colored dots (also from here)- all to match the Thomas table cloth, plates, napkins and trains.  (Even the cupcake cups that I used came from here!  Love that store!

He's pretty excited and ready to tear into those cupcakes!!


7 stamps of approval:

Toothy said...

Happy Birthday Bradley! Great job on the cupcakes.

pinky said...

Wow the table looks gorgeous, yummy in fact. Happy Birthday to Bradley.

Callie said...

Super Cute! Happy Birthday Bradley! 2 already... that's just crazy!!

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday to Bradley, do you have anymore cupcakes left, they look YUMMY!!!

Angie said...

These are so cute, you did a wonderful job! Happy Birthday Bradley, they grow up sooo fast! We miss you at cafemom:)

ivy said...

ahhhh, i remember when brandon had his thomas b-day party!
you're making me crave a cupcake now!
happy birthday the the lil' guy!

Sanwanya said...

Happy Birthday Bradley~!!! Great job on the cupcakes!!


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