Friday, February 27, 2009

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The Greeting Farm and Club Anya are having a challenge just for kids! So, of course, Emily had to make a card for the challenge! I showed her the 2 stamps that I have from TGF - Rockstar Anya and Happy Chef Ian - and she immediately picked Anya, "Because she's a GIRL, Mommy!" So, we stamped Rockstar Anya and Emily set to coloring her Just Right! Then she picked out some patterned paper, some ribbon and some flowers and put it all together! She had so much fun making this card - I hope that I can find more kid challenges for her to play in! Here are some photos of her making her card, and her final creation! Way to go, Emily!
If she happens to win the Club Anya challenge, she gets to choose a TGF stamp for her very own! (Although, I hope she'll share it with me!!)

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Carisa said...

OMG so cute! I'm glad she got on board to making it! LOL She looks so adorable. Good luck Em!

Callie said...

So cute Emily! It's adorable.... and she looks like she had so much fun making it!!

Rebecca said...

To cute... Her and Kaden would get along so well, he is always borrowing my stuff. Unlike you, I'm a little selfish sometimes. However, I'm trying to change that. Thanx for sharing. Have a great weekend.

redsmomma said...

what a great card!! I so wish I had some images to have Rian participate in this challenge. She steals as many of my bella images as she can! She is only 4 and has made at least a 20 cards. she loves it! Good job Emily!! Woot! Woot!

MamaCass07 said...

She is so sweet! My 2 year old made a "great" card the other day! Ihave to get a pic of it. I gave it to my mom already and forgot to snap it! Good luck with the contest!


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