Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hubby gets Valentine's too!

Designed by Sprytebyrd on Wednesday, February 04, 2009
After many, many evenings of poring over this website, Tribal Hollywood, Iain finally found what he wanted for Valentine's Day! Buuuut.... he couldn't pick just one! They came in the mail today, all nicely wrapped! Each came in their own little red velvet bags, wrapped in zebra stripe tissue paper, packaged in a red bubble envelope! Very nice packing, not to mention FREE shipping! We were quite impressed! They were also very, very quick! We placed the order Monday evening, and received them today, Wednesday! Very Nice! Definitely keeping this website bookmarked! I would recommend it!
Anyway, enough babble - here are the chains and pendants that he finally chose. My favorite is the copper. Happy early Valentine's Day, Hubby! I love you!

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Kadia said...

Both are looking awesome!! Perfect choice for Valentines Day...


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