Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nestabilities Storage

Designed by Sprytebyrd on Thursday, February 26, 2009
I am always on the lookout for good ways to store all my stamping stuff! I am so in love with my Nestabilities and am constantly looking for good deals to get some more! But, I was having a storage issue.. I looked around on blogs to see what other stampers had done and some had pretty great ideas! I especially like the one where she put magnetic strips on the insides of her cupboard doors to stick the Nesties on... but I wanted mine to be portable. So, I tried the metal CD cases.. I stuck a magnetic sheet to the inside of the case and my Nesties stuck to it! That was great! Well, until I ran out of metal CD cases.. hmm.. what next? So I was wandering through Target one day, checking out all the clearance stuffs on the end of the aisles when I found this.. another CD case:I thought it was pretty, but couldn't think what I would do with it... until my Nesties popped in my head! I thought, I could cut my magnetic sheet to fit in the little sleeves, then my Nesties would stick to the sheet, and slide into the sleeves! Brilliant! And now it's portable!My Mom says the only problem now, is if I lose the case, I lose ALL of my precious Nesties! Guess I better not lose the case, huh?

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Carisa said...

I really do love this idea. And now it makes sense that you slide the magnetic sheet in and out (I was baffled when you posted it on CMM, LOL). I need to find one of these cheap! I still keep my nesties in their original packing and well, that's no good let me tell you!


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