Monday, September 6, 2010

Our Princess at NAM

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I was gone this weekend at the National American Miss pageant with my daughter Emily, 5 years old.  She did amazingly well - finishing in the Top 10 Semi-Finalists out of 41 Princess-Aged (4-7) girls in the WHOLE state! Out of 41 girls, my little girl made Top 10!!  She didn't make the Top 5 Royal Court, but she did so well for her very first year, and first ever public appearance! 
 Imagine being 5 years old and walking on stage with a microphone to announce your name, age, city and ambition to 1,000 strangers and 10 judges??
  Imagine being 5 years old and doing 10 one-on-one interviews with judges? 
 Imagine learning a dance routine in 30 minutes with 40 other little girls and then being asked to perform it in front of 1000 audience members within the next hour?
  I know I couldn't do any of that, but SHE did!!  She is incredible! She came home with 3 trophies and a rose presented to her by the 2009 Princess for making the Semi-Finals - she was thrilled and we are so proud!

Here she is with one of the trophies she won - the Spirt Of America Trophy - in her Interview Outfit
Here she is with Daddy, her Formal Wear Escort and little brother, in her Formal Wear Outfit
Emily LOVED Jade, the 2009 WA State Princess
In her production outfit, ready to dance!
And, this is the outfit she wore for the optional Casual Wear Modeling contest - she didn't place in this contest, but we hadn't rehearsed anything, because I didn't know what to expect.  She looked so cute, though!

Thanks for letting me share - we are so so so very proud of her!

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