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Meljen's Challenge #27

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Well, Hi there!  I'm a little behind the times, aren't I?  I got the challenge post typed up on the main blog, but I forgot my own!!  LOL!!  Sorry!

This week's challenge at Meljen's Designs is Monochromatic with NO GLITTER!  We are showcasing Operation Write Home this week, which is an AMAZING organization that sends loads of handmade cards to deployed heroes so that they can keep in touch with loved ones back home!  Mail is so important to the soldiers when they are far from home, letting them know that they are missed, loved and appreciated!  But, what about the friends and families waiting patiently here?  Isn't it awesome that now, a soldier can go pick out a card, that was loving handmade by someone who appreciates their service, to jot a nice note on and send home?  I think it's just the coolest idea I've ever heard!

This is what I posted on the challenge blog about why this is so special to me -

I also come from a long line of Military Heroes, which makes Operation Write Home hit close to home for me.  I was raised an Army Brat.  My Father served our country for 28 1/2 years.  He also served in Vietnam (during the same years as Melissa's Dad) as a Combat Medic.  My Mother served in the Army for 2 years, before she decided to start a family after meeting my Dad.  Both of my Grandfathers were Career Military and both of my Uncles also served our country.  My Dad's brother, my Uncle Bruce, served in Desert Storm in the 1990's.  My Mom recalls being so young when my Dad was in Vietnam, before email and computers.  She recalls the long silences between "phone" calls that were always monitored and timed.  Letters from home were really the only way to communicate with loved ones, if only we had an organization like this all those years ago!

In addition, I'd like to add - 
In talking to my Mom about writing up this post, she told me about the phone calls and mail delivery.  When my Dad was in Vietnam, he was in a mobile unit.  It would take 2 weeks for the mail to literally "FIND" him!  It would get there and then someone would have to track him and his unit down to get it delivered.  My Mom would bake cookies every single Sunday and mail them every Monday and even though they were 2 weeks old, by the time they got there, my Dad and his buddies loved every one of them!  Now we have email and cell phones and so many easy ways to get hold of our heroes.  But the mail is still SO important!  You can't take a phone call with you in, tucked in your pocket.  You can't reread an email late at night when you're lying on your cot unable to sleep.  Having a note from home is so precious!  And, being able to mail a note home is just as precious!  Sending a beautiful card home, letting them know that you are ok, that you miss them and think of them often... well, that's just the best!  I am so glad to be able to work with the amazing founder of this organization, Sandy, on our Design Team!  She is an incredible woman and an inspiration!

Here is the card that I have made for this weeks challenge - you can earn an extra entry to win our prize, just by linking to Operation Write Home in your entry and you can earn yet another extra entry by actually mailing your card (or more) to Sandy and her super helpers to go to our heroes!  Just remember, NO GLITTER!  Glitter is not safe for our soldiers!

Thanks so much for playing along with us this week!  I do hope you send your cards to OWH!  You can send any other cards you like as well, just take a peek at the guidelines on our blog or the OWH blog to know what to send.

Happy Crafting!

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You made some excellent points there. I did a search about the topic and barely got any specific details on other websites, but then happy to be here, really, thanks.

- Lucas


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