Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stamptacular Sunday Blog Hop!

Designed by Sprytebyrd on Sunday, May 31, 2009
Let Summer begin with a Stamptacular Blog Hop! If you haven't had a chance yet to visit each of my fellow Design Team member blogs, now is the perfect chance!

If you've come to me first, you need to back up! Hop on over to visit Paula first, and she will direct you to the next blog and so on, then you will come back to me and I will send you on your way! :o) Don't forget to leave some love on each of the girls blogs! You need to visit each one of us and leave each of us a comment to be able to win the grand prize! So, get outta here! Go see Paula and work your way back here!

Ok, now that you're back... don't the girls have AMAZING blogs? I love them all!!

So, Let's Get This Summer Started!!!
Kite Festival is coming up and we are sooo excited! Long Beach, WA hosts the largest kite festival in the world during the third week in August every year, and we try to make it there as often as we can. My Mom will be joining us this year and I just cannot wait!!!
We are also looking forward to a few smaller events and activities this summer. We have to get ideas to keep Emily busy as her last day of school was Friday! She is fascinated with volcanoes right now, so we are planning on taking her up to see Mt. St. Helens at some point this summer. We are also looking into the Portland Pirate Festival in Portland, OR, in September. We are close to Couer D'Alene, ID as well, which is a beautiful city with fun boat rides and home to the Silverwood Amusement park, so we are thinking of a weekend there as well. It's looking to be a pretty busy summer! We would like to get Emily into swimming lessons and maybe some soccer lessons as well!
There are lots of birthdays during the summer as well! Hubby's birthday is in July, our Anniversary and my birthday are in August, my Mom's birthday is in September!
I don't think we'll be lacking in things to do this summer!

I've sprinkled a few summer themed projects throughout this post, I hope you enjoy them!

Ok, I've kept you here long enough, from here you want to go visit Carly, she's the last stop on this hop and has the details on the grand prize, which is being donated by the wonderful Carly, herself! Thanks, Carly!

I hope you are enjoying the blog hop and I am so glad that you are all loving our Stamptacular Sunday Challenge blog as much as we, the Design Team do! Thanks so much for joining us every week!

Have a wonderful summer! Be Safe and enjoy your families!

50 stamps of approval:

Lena Katrine said...

I've now been visiting Paula, Nikki, Line, Pricilla, Donna, Liza, Joey, Janneke, Joanne, Kristin and Jilly - and now it's your turn!

During summer I love spending time with my family on our boat, and go swimming in the sea!

happy summer, Dee! Hugs, Lena

Callie said...

Okay some of them aren't posted yet :( which means I'll have to go back later on. That's okay though! I LOVE your kite card sweets! And you know that if you plan a trip to Silverwood you have to let us know when. Maybe we can make it work out to meet you up there! We've been wanting to get up there soon. Off to finish the hop (for now anyways!)

Shelley said...

During summer I love spending time with my husband in the garden.
Love your card with a crab on it, I used to take my children crabing in the summers. hugs Shelley

crafty amy said...

Hiya love this cadr that crab is so cute and the wedding card is great I like the embossing and the added pearls are perfect. When I was younger I used to love spending my summer days pond dipping at the local river and finding out about all the little critters that live in it I am a bit big for that now though :( I am sure your daughter will love the trip to st.Helens. Have a great summer

X Amy X

Carisa said...

Oooh, i love your summery cards. They are so cute.

Tanja said...

Great Cards! I especially love the crab!

This Blog hop is so much fun!

Have a great day, Hugs Tanja

Anonymous said...

this blog hop is so fun! sounds like you'll have a nice, busy summer! hope you find time for stamping!

we aren't planning any trips because we are building a new garage this summer. also, my daughter is on the swim team so we'll be busy with that for the next six weeks. then cheerleading starts! hope we have time for some recreation in there! and some bar-b-q-ing!

have fun reading your comments today! i love your kite card, seeing new ideas from the DT.


Emma said...

Love the kite cards. I am looking forward to doing lots of Historical Re-enacting this summer (English Civil War), and spending time with my little one.

Littlebear said...

Hi Dee,
I love your Kite card - such fun!
It sounds like you have an exciting summer planner - enjoy every minute!
Clare x

lizzie said...

okay it's offical... i'm coming up there in sept and going to the pirate fest with you... b/c that sounds amazing!!!!!!

Paula said...

Your card is adorable with its unexpected surprise pop up/out! Sounds like you'll have a busy summer too...I've been playing along with everyone else..the blog hopping is good fun!



Altering Diva said...

I have to agree with you. You ladies have some GREAT blogs!!!!

Debra said...

I enjoyed your blog and had fun with this blog hop! It's my first one.

Have a wonderful, creative summer!

Debra in Conroe, TX

Nunt said...

Hello Dee,

*giggle* That crab-card is hilarious :D I hope you have some time to unwind this summer too, as it sounds you'll be busy through the season! Relaxing is my favorite summer thing, just lift up my feet and enjoy the warmth!

xx, nunt

Lorraine A said...

Oh it sounds like you're in for an action packed summer :-) I live in Gozo, a small mediterranean island and spend most of the summer swimming and avoiding the sun :-) I swim in the shade !! :-)

Lovely cards . love the kite one :-)

Have a lovely summer :-)
Lorraine x x

Julies Crafty Creations said...

Congratulations on your 2 years Dee. Great candy and my favourite part of your blog are your wonderful creations, they are all amazing!
Hugs Julie ps I have become a follower x

tracy said...

great cards and i have enjoyed reading what you get up to!
we spend half of the time in either wales or the lake district taking long walks, swimming in streams running down from the mountains oh and visiting the local homemade icecream shop that sells over 45 flavours and i do enjoy that it doesn't get dark till much later in the evening.
tracy x

Michelle Redman said...

Wow, you sound like me in having a busy summer!! Last year's was crazy!! I am hoping this year's will be a little calmer, but I don't think my girls will allow it!! LOL My fav summertime thing to do is hanging out with my girls!! Going to Disney, Adventure Landing (our waterpark here in Jacksonville, Fl), the pool, the beach, etc. If you can't tell we enjoy being out in the sun all summer!!

Love your cards!!
Have a great day!!

scrappyjan said...

Love your cards...

THank you for the very fun BLOG HOP!!

enjoy your summer.......janny

Tertia said...

My family also has loads of birthdays in the summer except they fall in September, October, November and December. We have Christmas in summer here in South Africa.

Julies Crafty Creations said...

Meant to add I have become a follower and added a photo and link to your candy as requested Hugs Julie x

Crazy For Scrapping said...

beautiful cards and what a busy summer you have going on, sounds so fun. TFS your beautiful summers with us.

joey said...

Hiya Dee, loved hearing your summer stories :O) xxx

Pam said...

Lovely cards. I'm really enjoying everyones summer stories. I'm hoping that this summer we will have an extension of the lovely weather we have been having this week, its been so nice to get out and enjoy the sun with a nice cold glass of rosé!


Lisa Foster said...

I love your cards...especially the Kite one! How cute and clever! I hope you have lots of fun this summer, it sounds like you have lots planned!

Anonymous said...

A kite festival... oh how fun is that?!! Your little kite card is just adorable!

Lil Sis said...

wow how are you going to fit all that in and still make such gorgeous cards!!!!!!

Have a great summer.

Beccy x

Jerusha said...

That CRAB! It gets me every time! I love it! I was too late to buy it though, since it is now discontinued. Imagine my disappointment! Oh, how he makes me smile!! :) I hope you have a wonderful summer! :)

Anonymous said...

Dee Hi,

love your blog and that kite card is super !

I love spending time with my DH in the garden when we aren't working.

Occasionally the boys will join us but only if they can't find their friends LOL

Kate x

Sue said...

Hi Dee
Great cards, love the kite card!
Hope you have a wonderful summer
Hugs SueX

The Crafty Den said...

Wow what fantastic cards, I love the kite one. Thanks for sharing your activities in the summer, they sound awesome. Hugs, Denise x

Nikki said...

Hi Dee
Have a great summer
and what a adorable card

raindropecho said...

I wish we had a kite festival here (Los Angeles). Or maybe we do and I just don't know about it? Anyway, thank for the fun cards and summer plans. Hope you have a good anniversary and birthday!

Manuela said...

hello dee :) nearly forget to hop over here ;) wonderful cards as always and your summer sounds to be nice! have a great sunday, manuela

Toothy said...

I love both cards, they are both 2 techniques I have never tried before. I was always too afraid to try the slider card, and the top card is one of those 2 flap cards right (can't remember the exact name)?

martha said...

Hope the Kite flying goes well!!
Martha in Michigan

SMK said...

Awww, super cute kite card! :D

Carol said...

Summer sounds great fun in your part of the world!!

Been glorious weather here today all been chilling in the garden and all meals on the patio BLISS!!

Great blog hop!!

craftydesignz said...

Really cute card and thanks for shaing a bit of your life with us



debra said...

Wow you have got a busy summer set ahead of you, enjoy all those special celebrations
hugs Debra

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

This hop has been fun, and I've enjoyed some new sites! Enjoy your summer!

Skraptacular Designs said...

Hi Dee,

Definitely sounds like you'll have a fun but busy summer! How exciting! I love getting in the car and traveling to do different things with my family during the summer too! This year we have a few colleges we need to visit, since Kaela's going to be graduating from high school in June 2010, so we're really looking forward to that! Any excuse for a vacation is fine with me!

Hope you enjoy all the birthday fun, barbecues and the volcano! I've never seen one in real fascinating! Especially if it was active at the time!

Thanks for being such a fantastic part of the SSC DT! I truly enjoy having you on board and am blessed to share your creativity with our visitors each week! Thank you for all your hard work and for always being willing to help out and participate in any way that you can! You are truly appreciated!


Sheila, The Dreamer said...

I love your cards! My 6 yr old son is fascinated with volcanos too. along with tornadoes and anything to do with bad weather!! Have great summer and have fun exploring!!!
It's taken me along time to get through everyones blogs, one because they are wonderful and two because my computer decides I don't need to be on any more! UGH

Anjou Krelovich said...

Your festivals sound like fun. One of my favorite activities here in the summer is to visit wineries and pick your own farms. We actually have quite a few in Virginia!

Linda said...

Ok, back for a second visit...our time zones are off :0 Enjoyed the blog hop this morning. Enjoyed your post today and all the neat projects and ideas. summer sounds busy for you.....we are in the relaxing are in collge and off on adventures or working, so hubby and I enjoy watching the baby fawns (we raise deer) and taking cruises on the harley.

Gwendolyn said...

love the cards!!!! We spend so much of the summer on the lake!

Heather said...

I missed the hop, but I enjoyed reading your post and love your summery cards. just beautiful! I hope today was fun for you. It looks and sounds like it was :) I cant wait until your festivals and things so I can see pics:) love ya! I am off for coffee and a breather then to bed. :o)

Christine said...

There are the same number (47) of comments on almost everybodies blogs so I think everyone is getting all of their comments in. It sounds like you will be having a great summer!!!


Rima said...

Hi Dee, sounds like you have a busy summer ahead!! Thanks for the blog hopping fun, almost to the end :)


Carmen O. said...

Your summer cards are fabulous! I love the kite one especially. It was great to get to know you a little better. I hope you enjoy your summer and capture tons of great memories.


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