Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

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I have just put the flag out on our house. Our street looks so nice with all the flags waving in the wind. I hope that everyone has had a wonderful weekend, celebrating the coming of summer with backyard barbeques, block parties, surprise parties (in Callie's case, she just threw a surprise party for her hubby's 30th!) and pool time fun.

I also hope that everyone takes a few minutes out of our beautiful days to remember the fallen, the soldiers who have fought for us and won. Even though they are lost, they are all in our memories and will forever be honored as heroes for protecting and preserving our freedom. There are some truly moving pictures on the Washington Post website today of the annual "Flags In" ceremony at Arlington Cemetery, where soldiers place over 250,000 flags at each grave marker.. you should go take a look at the pictures.

On a lighter note, my Dad had an idea for a challenge in one of my card-making groups. He said I should have my girls make patriotic cards in honor of Memorial Day, and he will vote on his favorite card to win a prize! He hasn't voted yet, so I hope he doesn't see this post!! I told him not to go to my blog until after I received his vote! I posted the challenge to my Addicted 2 Bellas group and asked them to all make a patriotic card using a Bella image. Some really amazing cards have been created and I am so glad that the idea was well received and that the girls are so patriotic! Here is the card that I created:I tried to make this card so that he wouldn't know it was mine... I still think it looks like a card made by me, though! I just hope he likes it!

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!

2 stamps of approval:

Rebecca said...

So cute... I ended up making a Memorial Card for Mojo Mondays' Sketch, take a look when you get a chance. Have a great week.

Callie said...

LOVE it!! awesome! What else can I say... It's great! Happy Memorial Day LOVE!


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