Monday, May 4, 2009

My Crafty Mommy!

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Hi everyone! I just had to share this picture that my Dad emailed me! My Mom recently went to California to visit a couple of her Sisters. Now, my Mom always has to bring home a souvenir for her coworkers, but on this trip, she couldn't find anything that she liked enough to bring them. So, while she and her Sisters were at a friends house, they picked some lemons off of a tree in the yard. I don't know exactly how many lemons she picked, but she packed them and brought them home. Of course, she had to do more to these lemons! So, she went to a local quilting store and bought some supplies. She wrapped the lemons in yellow tulle and tied it off with yellow pipe cleaners, adding a small tag stamped with a sun! On the inside she wrote "A little sunshine from California!" Now, isn't she just clever! I love my Mom! I guess some of her creativity wore off on me!She also baked some cookies (Peanut Blossoms), and those she put in the decorated tubs (that once held popcorn)!

2 stamps of approval:

Toothy said...

WOW, that is creative.

ivy said...

your mom is funny! love lemons too!happy mother's day!


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