Wednesday, July 7, 2010

KID post!

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I just wanted to share this adorable project that my kids did yesterday at Day Camp!

It's "Lost in Space" week, so they're learning about plantets and aliens and stuff... they made these super cute flying saucers - they just love them!  Emily actually slept with hers in bed with her last night!  And they're oh-so-simple to make!  I actually hung around and helped "teacher" with Emily and Bradley's because they looked like so much fun!

So here, they are... Bradley with his 3-eyed Green Alien and our friend, daycamp teacher and Bradley's soon-to-be preschol teacher, Miss Jonnelle.  Doesn't he look so happy??  Such a silly boy!
And here's Emily's Silver and Gold 1-eyed alien flying saucer.. (she's getting to that "hurry up and take the picture, Mom" age...)
...that landed on her Lincoln Log house... Alien Attack!!!
Ok, so she doesn't see the humor in my alien attack... oh well :)

2 stamps of approval:

Kim Myers said...

Love the little flying saucers with space aliens!! way too cute! Miss you!

Nicole said...

OH MY GOSH, they are cute! And so are the saucers!! I love your daughter's nails! AWESOME!


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