Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thank You Gifts

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In case you haven't already heard the story, our basement flooded a few months ago. The outdoor sprinklers were installed poorly years ago and created 2 sinkholes next to the window wells to our basement bedroom and office. The window well to the office filled with about 10 inches of water which eventually seeped through the window and flooded the whole room. Simultaneously, the second sink hole next to the window well to our guest bedroom, caused a leak through the corner of the house, causing much less, but still quite a bit of damage to that room. We called and got a water damage restoration guy out right away and he started work on both rooms. He pulled out the baseboards, lifted the carpets and set his machines up to dry the floors and carpets. Fortunately, we were able to save all the carpeting in both rooms! Unfortunately, we can't say the same for the wall in the office. There was so much water that the wall just would not dry out, so he had to cut a 14'x6' hole in our wall! That dried the wall out, but of course left us with a big hole in the wall! The good news is that this guy has a nephew who does drywall work! So, he started coming out and working on replacing the drywall. It took a few weeks, but they got it done and as of tonight - the repairs are finished! We even had the sprinkler guy out today, filling the sink holes and releveling the new sprinklers and repaired pipes in the yard.
Sooo... long story short, I needed to thank these guys! Now, I'm a cardmaker... that's what I do, I make cards. But guys aren't really big on cards, you know? So my Mom suggested I make a bag topper, so I took that idea and ran. I knew that both the "drywall guy" and the "restoration guy" were coming back tonight to finish up shampooing the carpets and putting furniture back, so I baked up a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies. I colored some Dustin Pike images at work last weekend (with Bic markers), so all I had to do was mat them with cardstock (Stampin' Up!), put the cookies in bags and tape them up! Viola! Instant thank you gift for some great guys! They seemed to really appreciate it!
If anyone needs water damage restoration or drywall work done, call me, I've got the best names in the book!
Sorry for the long boring story! Here's the pics!

6 stamps of approval:

Callie said...

Those are super duper cute my dear! And the cookies look oh so yummy!!

Rebecca said...

To cute... I want some. :)

joey said...

Dee these are awesome :O)

Crafting Joanne said...

What a fab idea Dee, they certainly look yummy and the images look great too.

Glad to hear all your flodding problems are now sorted and that a good job was done.

Enjoy your weekend.

Joanne x

Anonymous said...

Oh wow great thank you gift

ivy said...

i bet they appreciated the goodies! how sweet of you!


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