Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Photos

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I hope that everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

We went out in the afternoon to get Halloween portraits done of the kids in their costumes.. unfortunately we won't have those back for 2 weeks! But they turned out cute!!

We took the kids to Ranch & Home, they had booths from local business set up in the parking lot that were handing out candy in the parking lot. They also had bouncy houses and the police and fire depts were there iwth their lights flashing for the kids! It was dark, so the photos I took out there didn't turn out well.

Then we took them to the mall to see all the other kids dressed up and collect more candy and stickers. Emily even got a coupon for a free kids meal at Applebees! I found this sparkly pattern on a corner of the Sunglass Hut booth, and just had to take a photo of Emily in front of it!

After all the trick or treating, because Emily was SUCH a good girl, we took her to the wanna-be Build-a-Bear store (we don't have a real Build-a-Bear here, but something similar) and let her make her own teddy bear! She loved that and hasn't let go of that bear since!

Little Darth Vader was relaxin' in his stroller watching all the excitement. He can't wait for next year when he can run after his big sister and get his own candy!

Then, I wanted just one decent photo of the two of them together, so when we got to the car, we sat them both on the hood, under the street light and I got a photo of them.

Darth Vader had so much fun watching big sister that he was wiped by the time we got home!

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CraftyCallie said...

awww... LOOK how cute they are! I love the photos, especially of the mini-me darth vadar! Very cute!!


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