Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mid-September Ramblings

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Hello from Kennewick! It's sunny with blue skies here today. I wish I could send some of this good weather down south! It's starting to cool down a little bit, and as much as I complained about the hot days of summer, I'm not looking forward to the icy days of winter!!

So Emily's second week of preschool was a short one! Wednesday was a teacher inservice day, so there was no school. This turned out to be a good thing, because poor Emily spiked a fever that day of 102.2! So, we stayed home and she actually took a nice long nap that afternoon! The next day her fever was down to almost normal, but it did creep up to 99.2 later in the afternoon. So, she stayed home with me again. Friday morning she had her first dentist appointment, which we ended up canceling because her fever snuck back up to 100.4! So, I called her pediatrician (again), only to find out that she was off that day! We ended up taking her to the walk-in clinic to see a Dr. I didn't want her to go the whole weekend with a jumping fever! So, the Dr. saw her and said that she just had a bug, her ears were fine, but her throat was a bit red. So he gave her an antibiotic and told us to keep giving Tylenol to keep the fever under control. After one dose of antibiotic, we could see a definate improvement! Today she is feeling much much better! Back to her old self, really!
Bradley stood up all by himself today! Well, I stood him up, but he stayed up by himself! He held on to his little table just long enough for me to snap a couple photos and then he fell down! Poor little guy! It's a long way down for him! So, after that, he was a little scared and I had to stay behind him where he could touch me when he wobbled! He's still just scooting along the floor, but today he was using his knees more, not quite crawling, but he's figuring out that if he uses his knees, he moves faster! Pretty soon, he'll be chasing Emily through the house!! Oh, I'm so not ready to chase after 2 of them!!!

I'll sign off for now! Thanks for checking in!

Have a wonderful day!

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ivwhy said...

we have that same table!! for some reason, bryan likes to switch it to spanish! pretty soon, bradley will be running all over the plave!!


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