Wednesday, August 27, 2008

34 years old...

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So yesterday was my 34th birthday. I don't feel 34! But, another year wiser, right?
Well, let's find 34 things that me smile!
1. My kids
2. My husband
3. My parents
4. My friends
5. My pets
6. My country
7. Happy Mail
8. Chocolate
9. Coffee
10. Pepsi
11. Rubber stamping
12. Scrapbooking
13. New crafting tools
14. My camera
15. Phone calls from my in-laws
16. Cupcakes
17. Cafemom friends
18. Blog Surfing
19. Blogging
20. Frogs
21. Babies
22. Puppies
23. Retail therapy (aka shopping)
24. Pizza
25. The smell of fresh rain
26. New socks
27. PJ's
28. Surprises
29. Vacations
30. Shrimp
31. Martini glasses
32. A clean house (as long as I don't have to clean it!)
33. Weekends off
34. Going home

I'm sure there's more, of course! And, no - they are in no particular order! So.. that was kinda silly.. but blogging makes me smile, right? :o)

2 stamps of approval:

Nicole said...

Happy birthday!! It's great to have 34 things that make you smile!

This N That said...

I missed your birthday! How terrible! Well, happy birthday late, AND what a GREAT idea to pick a thing to make you smile for each year. I am going to try that next year!


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