Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bradley's 6 Month Check-Up

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Today was Bradley's 6 month check-up (yes, I know he'll be 7 months old on Monday! He's got a very busy Dr.!) He's a healthy, happy boy! He weighed in at an even 18 pounds! And he is 27 inches long! She said he is developing well and is right on track for his age! He wiggled, he giggled, he rolled around and he wouldn't hold still to be weighed! He passed toy from one hand to the other perfectly - that was the Dr.'s big test for the day! So, he doesn't need to be seen again until his 1 year appointment in January, but he will have to go in for a flu shot and booster in November.
We all went to the UPS store to mail a wedding present last weekend, and the very kind lady working asked Emily if she wanted to be weighed on the scale! So, we plopped Emily onto the scale and she weighs 35 pounds! We also weighed Bradley and he was 18 pounds! I told the Dr. that we weighed him at the UPS store, and she gave me a weird look! Like, "Why were you weighing your baby at the UPS store?" I just giggled! I should have told her we were sending him to Nana's for the weekend!
And Emily... dear, dear Emily...! I guess it was only a matter of time.. All little girls do it at some point. Mom says I did, too! Well, Emily cut her hair! Fortunatly, she may have a future as a hair stylist, because you can't really tell! She managed to cut off the lock of hair that I have been trying for months to grow out to be even with the rest of her hair!! So, now we are back where we started! It doesn't look bad, and we will just leave it be.. until the weekend before pre-school starts, then we'll take her in for a haircut!

I would like to just say Happy Anniversary to Iain before I close this post! It's been 7 wonderful years!

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Happy Anniversary, Hubby!! I Love You!
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ivwhy said...

oh, let's see a pic of the master piece haircut!! brandon cut his hair too at age 3. now when i grill him about how do we use scissors...he recites: "only on paper. NOT hair, NOT clothes, NO body parts and NOT on Brybry" (his baby brother).

Lisa M. said...

I left you a little something on my blog!!!!

X Lisa


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