Thursday, June 12, 2008

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Hi! I haven't posted an update lately, because, well, not much is changing around here!

Emily is still a little princess, 3 going on 13 and trying to be a good big sister. She has her moments, of course!

Bradley is currently outgrowing all of his clothes! He's such a big boy! He's a good baby, but he's still teething, and we still have yet to see a little toother. He is now 5 months old! And in big Bradley news - He found his toes this week! So now he is fascinated with pulling his socks off!

Iain's new job position is going well, it seems. He just started driving the van pool, so now we can avoid paying these high gas prices! It's nice that he gets home at the same time almost every night!

As for me, well.. I've been pretty busy! Emily, Bradley and I will be driving to Portland in a few weeks with Mom to meet my Aunties Barbara and Pauline for a week of shopping, crafting and catching up. That should be an adventure with both kids! I am also planning a Stampin' Up! party in my craft room for Saturday the 21st, so I'm busy trying to get all the paper cut and supplies ready, and, of course, cleaning my room! I've been trying to squeeze some rubber stamping and cardmaking into my days, and Emily has her own set of stamps and ink pads now, so she loves to sit at the table and stamp with me!

I hope you enjoy a few pictures from today.

Have a wonderful day!

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MamaCass07 said...

Toes are SO MUCH FUN! Good luck with the teething. Noah did not get a lot of his teeth until recently (18m) His whole mouth is swollen and hurts. We are just hoping he gets through it quickly! Cute post!


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