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Hi! Long time no hear, right! Yea, sorry about that... :o) Life is kinda hectic with a 3-year old "hurricane" as Grandpa calls her and a 4 month old little guy! But things are going great! Here are the updates!

Emily is a great big sister! She loves to help take care of her little brother, she especially likes to get him bibs that match his outfit - and they have to match! She is no longer in daycare, as we decided to take them both out, so that I can stay home with them more. We have signed her up for dance classes in July, princess themed, of course! She will have 3 weeks of classes, 4 days each week, and we will see how she likes that. We are also looking into swimming lessons for her this summer. We have signed her up for preschool at St. Joseph's Catholic School. They have classes going up to the 8th grade, so again, we will see how she likes it there. She starts her half days at the end of August.

Bradley is growing way too fast for my liking! He is already 4 months old! He is trying really hard to roll over and is thinking about trying to sit up. He is eating and sleeping well, and his Dr. says he is looking great, but a little too happy! He seems to be growing faster than Emily did and we already had to move him into a larger carseat! He is sleeping longer at night, actually slept last night from about 8:30pm to about 5am this morning! But, he had an eventful weekend, so he must have just been tuckered out!

Emily has a new puppy! We adopted him 3 weeks ago and he 13 weeks old now. He was marked as an Australian Shepard Mix, but he looks a lot like a boxer. He seems like he will be a good dog, boxers are said to be good family breeds.

So, we took both kids and both dogs to visit Nana and Grandpa this weekend, and we all went to Mommy and Me at the Zoo, at Pt. Defiance Zoo in Tacoma. That was a nice day! It was so much fun to watch Emily run through the zoo talking to all the animals! She had a great day, and she was relatively well-behaved. She sure got lots of smiles and giggles from other zoo visitors as we walked by! We timed the visit perfectly as it started to rain right when we were ready to head home. A quick stop at Trader Joe's before heading back to Nana and Grandpa's for the night, and that made for a full day! We all packed up to head back over the mountains Sunday morning. Although, having to stop in Redmond to get our all that stuff that we miss since moving, (such as: Jamba Juice, Malt Balls from Larry's Market, and of course anything and everything from the British Pantry for Iain!) made for a very very long drive!

Today, I am trying to have a restful day at home, but Emily is showing no signs of being worn out from her big weekend... :o) Maybe tomorrow we'll go to the library....

I'll try (as I always say I will) to keep more up to date here for you! Please bear with me!

To all the Mommies out there - Happy Mother's Day - You are the best, and you deserve a day to call your own!

Take Care!

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