Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just a (new) little project..

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I've been working on these all month, and now that all the gifts have been opened (or most of them, at least!)  I can share them with everyone!  These are fun and different from what I usually do!  See, my Mom and Dad bought me a sewing machine for Christmas years (and years and years) ago and it has seen very little use!  This past year, I did get it out and start using it on cards... yes, sewing paper, not fabric.  Finally, I found a project that I liked, that looked simple enough, that was useful and I could share with friends and family.  So, I started making.....

Coffee Cozzees!

So, here are a few that I made, unfortunately I didn't get photos of them all, as they were getting wrapped up and given away almost as soon as they came off the sewing machine!

This last one, I added a touch of "bling" with this fancy, sparkly button that I found that matched the green fabric perfectly!  I LOVE it... (yes, this is MY Coffee Cozzee!)

I've been having fun with these, and I just bought a bunch of new fabric to make lots more!!  I know my Mom and Dad both want one, so I need to get those done!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you like my new little "obsession"!  Good thing there aren't many fabric stores in the area!!!

3 stamps of approval:

Jessabells said...

Hey Dee, Happy New Year!! Like the coffee cozzee! I recently broke out the sewing machine too. I made pillows for my daughters bed. I'm hoping to make a apron. Well my BFF, I wish you nothing but happiness for the New Year!


Rebecca said...

Happy New Year to you and family.. Love the Cozzeeies.. Great job. I am tempted to take out the old sewing machine and do some dusting with it first.. Will keep you posted on whatever I come up with..

Callie said...

i LOVE the one you made for me! :) used it today along with my gift card for a pick me up on the way home. So nice of you!! Have fun making more!!


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