Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crafty Weekend At The Beach

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The girls spent the weekend at Pacific Beach, WA! We all arrived on Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday morning. We had a 3-bedroom house with just a short walk to the beach. We arrived on Friday, just in time for a beautiful sunset - my camera doesn't do it justice, but here it is:

We all made plans to each bring a project to share with the group. Mom brought a scrapbook kit and asked us to all bring photos with us, so that we could leave with completed projects. I can't post a photo of my scrapbook yet... it's a gift... :o) Mom also brought journals for us to alter with a Halloween theme - that I can show you!

Kim, my best friend, and Liz, my Mom's friend both brought their beads and we made bracelets and earrings:

My best friends Mom, Charlene, brought ornaments, stamps, markers and glitter for us to make for our Christmas trees! These were so fun! I made one for Emily and one for Bradley, and I even remembered to date them!!

Kim brought her friend and coworker (and former coworker of mine), Paulette, who brought kits to make these amazing Fabric Postcards! We made our own sparkly fibers and decorated them with whatever we wanted and she sewed them all together for us. I only have a photo of one that I made (I actually made 4!) because we ran out of time and Paulette was sweet enough to take them home to finish sewing them for us!

And, I took the new stamp set that Mom bought and let me borrow - the Stampendous Sushi Party, Loads of Sushi and Sushi's Favorite Words, to make a couple of gate fold cards!

We really had a wonderful time! No kids, No dogs, No husbands! Just us girls, the beautiful beach (what little we actually saw of it!!), good conversation, great food and tons of crafts! It was nice to see what other crafters do, and get to try our hands at it as well. I think I could get into that fabric postcard making thing, that was cool.. but.. do I need another hobby? I already have the sewing machine... and it would probably love some use! :o) We'll see!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what we made! Thanks as always for stopping by!

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Marie said...

Wow! Looks like fun! I wish I could've joined you!

CraftyCallie said...

I'm soooo jealous!!! Wish I could have come. Looks like you guys had a great time. I love the second bracelet you made and the halloween journal is way too cute!!


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