Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy (early) Memorial Day

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I'll be out of town for the weekend, as I'm sure most everyone else will be as well.

I just want to express my thoughts on Memorial Day.

I was a Military child.
I moved when I was told to move.
I went to school overseas.
My friends are scattered all over the country.

Memorial Day gives me a chance to think about my Dad, about all of my family that served, about all of my friends that are serving, and about every soldier that has, is or will serve. I want to thank every single soldier out there for fighting so hard to protect the land that I call home.

America would not be as beautiful without each and every one of you.

Take a moment this Memorial Day and remember and give thanks.

I heard this on the radio this morning - "Memorial Day, it's not just another day off."
To my Dad - I'm proud of you, for everything you do, and thank you!
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